We Care


It is our commitment in all that we do to help sustain the values of the Native American Culture. The values that we support specifically are the Stewardship and the Protection of Mother Earth and Respect and Support for the Native People of this land. We donate tipis to Native Americans in need, we give Native American individuals and Native American non-profit organizations a 10% discount and we make annual donations to the Native American Rights Fund, Native American Heritage Museum, Lakota Law Project, ACLU and Greenpeace, among others. In 2016, Nomadics Tipi Makers supported the No DAPL Movement at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. 81 tipis were purchased with large discounts and were taken to Standing Rock by volunteer water protectors. Nomadics also donated 10 tipis,  including a 26ft community tipi, painted with portraits and quotes from Native American Elders. In 2017, we donated $30,000 to the Romero Institute’s “Lakota People’s Law Project.”

To continue our solidified support, we have now created www.tipi.com/WeCare. 100% of the profit of all items sold under this project will be donated to benefit specific Native American issues. The cost of the items will be transparent and we will suggest a retail price range, to allow every to contribute with a donation that they can afford. Our inaugural items are two T-shirts, designed and painted by the owners of Nomadics, Jeb and Nicole.


The T-shirts “Buffalos’ Dream” and “Horses’ Dream” were designed by us to help Chase Iron Eyes (@ChaseAloneIronEyes) his legal defense expenses. We had the honor of meeting Chase Iron Eyes and spending a significant amount of personal time with him. We can attest to his profoundly peaceful character and unbound dedication to his people and to the protection of Mother Earth. Chase is a Native American activist and an attorney from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. He has been singled out and charged with a felony, conspiracy, inciting of riot and trespassing on his own tribal land while peacefully protesting the unauthorized construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through their reservation. His trial is scheduled for late July 2018 and his defense is let by Dan Sheehan from the Lakota People’s Law Project. All donations for Chase Iron Eyes will be made to www.lakotalaw.org .

The T-shirts and Tanks are produced locally in Bend, OR. The cost of each T-shirt including our beautiful label, which can be used as a stand up picture, is $12. We will sell each T-shirt for the suggested retail price of $29 (which will generate a $17 donation). We will also gladly accept any higher price that you would be willing to pay, knowing that all of it but $12 goes to the landmark legal battle to safeguard the sacred and defend our freedom of speech and right to assembly. For bulk orders, we can reduce the price per T-shirt to a minimum of $20 (resulting in a $8 donation).

Unisex Buffalo T-shirt


Unisex Buffalo Hoody


Ladies Horse T-shirt


Ladies Horse Tank


The back of the shirts will be printed with the following text: “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” 

Along with each T-Shirt comes our beautiful label

Toad Stools

Toad Stoos

Perfect for use in your tipi, our toad stools are crafted using recycled materials from our tipi construction process. Rather than ending up in the landfill, these materials can now serve a new purpose all while supporting a cause.

toad stool


Made using excess fabric from our tipi making process, these pillows provide a nice furnishing option that compliment your tipi interior.


All tipi customers who are ordering a tipi with us at a value over $2,000 and who opt to pay their full invoice via online bank transfer, will receive a T-shirt for free. Nomadics then will make the donation of $17 on their behalf. If their invoice is over $4,000, they receive 2 T-shirts and Nomadics will donate $34.

Our main outreach is to our tipi customer, and the T-shirts will be added to their order at no additional shipping cost. If one or two T-shirts are purchased individually, an $8 shipping charge will be added for shipment via UPS Ground.

Please follow us on facebook as we keep track of the amount raised for Chase Iron Eyes. Although HolyElk Lafferty is mentioned in the video on this page, she requested not to be included in this fundraising effort. 

Thank you for being a part of this mutual effort.

Your Nomadics Team