Since 1970, we have been providing retreats, campgrounds and recreation areas with our tipis. As a service to these facilities we offer this directory listing to all who are sending us pictures, a little text and a link to their website. If you have Nomadics Tipis that you are renting out, we would love to feature you as well – Just let us know.

Tipis provide an utterly unique overnight shelter for campers and are an excellent addition to any outdoor facility. Check out the success story of Ventura Ranch, KOA, who added a tipi village as an accommodation option to their campground. Their initial turn-key cost for a 22ft tipi including furniture and concrete slab was around $6000, their income per tipi is $8,000-$9,000 per year at a rental rate of $89. Considering that the replacement cost per tipi is around $2,000 every 4-5 years for a painted cover and door, a tipi village is financially successful even at a rental rate of $59/$69 per night. Properly staked down, the tipi is an exceptionally sturdy structure, able to withstand winds in excess of 60 mph.

Take a virtual tour inside a 20′ tipi

Campground Model

We are constantly listening for feedback and are incorporating suggestions into our design and manufacturing process.

As a result, we are now introducing a Campground Model with the following features:

  • 15 oz flame-resistant Sunforger treated All-Weather Fabric
  • Larger door opening (5ft. versus the standard 3’9″)
  • Velcro zipper door (exclusive Nomadics design)
  • Optional: Mesh critter guard around the bottom of the tipi
  • Optional: Mesh mosquito guard covering smoke flap opening and door


Here’s an example of a tipi set up in a retreat style where it is outfitted to be comfortable for guests: Road Runner Tipi Retreat in Lawton, OK

Click the image to view our campground slideshow.

Exclusive Nomadics Zipper Door

In collaboration with the campgrounds we have created a door solution that Velcro’s onto the cover and zips up through the middle, tying back on either side. The door opening has been increased to 5 feet high which now allows for easier entrance and a better closure.

The door can also be locked for added security.

Zipper door securely locked.

Optional Critter Guard

Our offered critter guard is a sturdy, tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the bottom of the tipi cover.

Pricelist for : Campground Package
 Includes: 15 oz. Flame resistant cover, 6ft flame resistant liner, oversized zipper-door, sand snakes, D-ring, ropes, pins, stakes and poles.

The “Critter Safe” includes the above plus critter guard sewn on the bottom, mosquito guard sewn on the top and a zipper-mosquito door.

  14′ 16′ 18′ 20′ 22′ 24′ 26′
15 oz. Standard with Zipper Door 2,080  2,397 2,755 3,182 3,672 4,482 4,964
15 oz. Critter Safe with Zipper-Mosquito Door  2,285  2,617 2,995 3,452 3,977 4,837 5,374


Individual Campground Model Accessories (please note: some of these items are included in the package price)
  14′ 16′ 18′ 20′ 22′ 24′ 26′
Critter Guard (sewn to bottom of tipi cover)   85 100 120 150 185 225 280
Mosquito Guard (covers top opening)  50  50 50 50 50 60 60
Rain Cap  130  130  220  220  220  220  130
Zipper Door  180  180  180  180  180  180  180
Zipper-Mosquito Door  250  250  250  250  250  250  250
Sand Snakes (canvas tubes)  80  89 98 107 116 125 134
  • Critter guard, sturdy tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the bottom of the tipi cover.
  • Mosquito guard, sturdy tightly woven polyethylene mesh that is sewn onto the smoke flap, used to cover the opening.
  • Rain Cap, 9′ or 12′ diameter 15oz fabric circle that you place on top of your poles. Rain cap has 8 loop and includes tent stakes and rope. Recommended size differ depending on pole length, please contact us to determine correct rain cap size. Rain cap fabric is not flame resistant.
  • Zipper Door, 5′ high door with a middle zip opening, commercial 15 gauge zipper, velcro and D-rings to lock the door to the tipi cover.
  • Sand Snakes, 6′ long canvas tubes with a velcro closure, used to weigh down the liner. You provide the sand to fill.


                                        Campground Model Artwork

If you browse through our Photo Gallery as well as our Campground slideshows, you will find many different ways to add artwork to your tipis.  While artwork is not necessary to offer an authentic tipi living experience, it adds beauty, uniqueness and an element of protection to the blank canvas.


In wet and/or humid climates, we have noticed that a layer of PAINT will add protection against mold and mildew; therefore, we have created mural designs, which cover the entire tipi canvas to offer an effective method of protection your canvas. If you opt for the traditional look of a top/bottom/middle area, we can paint the middle background area in a canvas paint color of your choice. The WASH technique offers less protection against mold and mildew than the PAINT, you can obtain equal or even better protection by applying an anti-mold finish once a year (Please see


In dry climates, you can maintain the breathability and translucency with murals in the wash-technique or with the traditional designs in either PAINT or WASH. In areas with high UV exposure, we recommend that you protect your artwork with a UV inhibitor.


Below you will find examples of the traditional look as well as mural design ideas. These are only suggestions and you may create your own traditional design look with our interactive system “Create Your Own.” We have extended our SW Color Palette to 10 colors and we have many designs ready for you to choose from, just let us know if you need more inspirations.


The Price for artwork varies from $350 to $600 per standard size tipi for most designs. Mural tipis may be a bit more expensive, depending on the detail you choose. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and give you a free estimate, just give us a call at 541-389.3980.



A quantity discount will be added for multiple orders of any fabric or style, depending on the number of tipis ordered. You will receive a 3% discount on unpainted covers and liners for orders of 3-4 tipis, a 5% discount for 5-9 tipis and a 7% discount on orders of 10 or more tipis, when paid with check or bank transfer.

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