tepee shaman liner photo

Six foot Shaman Liner,
18ft Tipi.

- Sweden

Inside Frank's 12ft camping lodge, no liner

Our interior images are organized by tipi size to give you a feel. You'll note that some are without liners, and others have different sized liners.

Rugs on Ground Cover, 16ft tipi, Japan

Soma's 16ft, no liner, Japan

Diane's Cozy World, 18ft

Backrest Chair in18ft

Lisa's warm and stylish interior, 18ft

Davids uniquely furnished interior of 18ft tipi: Bigfork, MT

Tipi Living, Switzerland 18ft
tepee liner photo
Liner back section, decorated, 18ft

Ron's 18ft Interior

9ft liner in 20ft tipi, Everybody is Happy!
6ft liner in 20ft tipi - Tipi Village Retreat www.tipivillageretreat.com

20ft tipi 6ft white liner for stargazing camp, Colombia

Stefan's 20ft with open fire on wooden deck

20ft tipi, 6ft liner with natural grass floor. England

Jess & Justin's 20ft full-time living tipi, CA

22ft tipi without liner, preparing for the ceremony, Hungary

Stefan's 20ft summer residence in
Nova Scotia, Canada

Will's 9ft liner tucked around door poles, 22ft tipi

Will's living room with 9ft liner and ozan,
22ft tipi

6ft liner in 22ft tipi - Tipi Village Retreat www.tipivillageretreat.com

Glamping in a 22ft
Mustang Monument, NV

9ft liner in 26ft tipi with deco #70 (inside Pachamama)

26ft tipi, no liner, wonderful stained glass effect

Bronwyn's 26ft tipi, 9ft liner
tipi interior sky spirit photo
Sky Spirit & Phase in 26ft tipi

Harold’s ingenious solution for mounting the liner and avoid water drippings, WI

Jane’s English lesson in a 26ft tipi in Italy

Brigit with 20 kids in a 26ft, Germany

Inside a 26ft mural tipi
Mustang Monument, NV

Celebrating Connie's 30ft special order tipi, Denmark
tipi liner Haida raven design
Tipi Interior 2
Antique Wash: Liner #65, Raven #58

Tipi Interior
Antique Wash: Liner #65, Rainbird #57

David's Custom Rainbird, Switzerland